Collecting Antique Clocks: Oak Longcase Clocks with Brass Dials

Types of antique clocks Types of antique clocks Get to know and recognize the different types of highly collectible antique and vintage clocks, old clock identification with antique clock images Antique clocks are one of the most widespread collectible items that even collectors of this age and era still sought after. The art of clock making in the earlier centuries proved to be a very recognized skill. As such, the clocks of those days were highly elaborate and intricate and much more precise compared to what we have today. Old clocks came in steady pace that created a wide variety of antique clock styles, types, and designs. Antique Lantern clocks This is the oldest form of collectible clock you can find. Lantern clocks originated in but only became popular in the 16th century resembling candle lamps. Earliest forms of antique lantern clocks were weight driven and run for about 12 hours before it needs to be rewound which is about 2 or 3 times a day.

The Illinois Pocket Watch

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Renaissance Turret Clock, German, circa Spring driven Matthew Norman carriage clock with winding key Clockmakers developed their art in various ways. Building smaller clocks was a technical challenge, as was improving accuracy and reliability. Clocks could be impressive showpieces to demonstrate skilled craftsmanship, or less expensive, mass-produced items for domestic use. The escapement in particular was an important factor affecting the clock’s accuracy, so many different mechanisms were tried.

Brass Dials. If your grandfather clock has a brass dial, it was probably made in the period between and , and most likely between and

There are usually two key questions that always seem to be asked when presented with an antique clock. When was my clock made? What is my clock worth? This third question is: Is my clock authentic and original in all respects? This is an important question, and one that the owner does not seem to understand, nor its relevance to the first two questions.

The easy answers to these questions, and the ones that are far too frequently employed, are to simply jot down the name of the maker, usually engraved on the dial or chapter ring, then to look in any one of the many books of makers. The maker will likely be listed with a working date and possibly other useful information.

These questions apparently can be answered quickly for some, thus leaving the owner with a date range and usually an over-inflated price.

How to Date Your Grandfather Clock

Short 10″ pendulum and verge escapement. Because of the short pendulum it could stand on a table, but the timekeeping was poor. Another Lantern clock, C , with the “new” long pendulum and anchor escapement this clock had to be hung on the wall to run. Often known as “hoop and spike” clocks because of the iron hoop to hang the clock from, and the spikes at the bottom to dig in the wall and keep the clock steady.

From now on the timekeeping of clocks improved by a huge amount using the longer pendulum and “anchor” escapement. Around the same period, with a slightly larger dial and a wooden hood to keep the dust out of the clock movement.

English Longcase This chart will give an approximate date for your painted dial longcase clock. Dating chart Compiled by Jon Kneebone.. Feature.

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The 18th and 19th Centuries were the best of times for the English clock industry. A few clocks were made in other parts of the British Isles. A few early American clocks were produced by immigrant clockmakers, resembling clocks from the countries where these clockmakers came from, and some American clocks look just like their English cousins. This English clock was made around It is unusually well made and heavy for a clock from that era.

Two features that make this clock very rare are the Graham escapement and the long second hand in the centre which is missing.

The Illinois Pocket Watch Company is well described in this story written in This was from a paper handed to me by a colleague who discovered it by chance several years ago.

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English Grandfather Clock

Here are some basic paramaters to allow you to see the date ranges of the various features so you can get an idea without doing a whole load of reasearch on makers and suchlike. The first Grandfathers produced in London because Christian Huegens invented the pedulum clock. Before this clocks were…well they sucked really as timekeepers.

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How to Research Your Clock or barometer Do you have a clock you’d like to know more about? We receive several requests a week to identify clocks for people, and although we’d like to help– it’s an interesting process– we simply don’t have the time to do it properly. Also, the British Horological Institute, at http: The Smithsonian’s website includes a Selected Bibliography for Identifying Clocks and Watches Also, you can do quite a bit of genealogy research on the web these days – one site we use quite a bit is the UK and Ireland Genealogy’s website, http: There are business records there going back a couple of centuries in some cases and they can be a lot of help if you start with the name and town of the clockmaker.

If your clock was made in Britain or America up to about , here’s how you can do it yourself. If it’s later, we can’t help at all. If it’s Continental, the process would be the same but you’ll need to find the right reference books. This process can be applied to barometer research as well. Just read “barometer” for “clock,” use a different set of reference books, and ignore the comments about replaced feet.

An admittedly simple-minded approach for a start in dating is to compare the features of your clock’s dial and case to photos in reference books. Our Reading List includes the main references, and most of these books are available from specialist booksellers or libraries. The next step is to decipher the name that is painted or engraved on the dial face and see if you can find it or something similar–spelling was informal, at best in the makers’ listings in Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World by Baillie or Loomes.

If the maker’s dates fit with the characteristics of the dial and case, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of when the clock was made.

Antique English 5 Tube Musical Longcase Clock c.1900

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