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The photos that initially spurred on the bullying rumors were brought forward in a recent Pann post where the original poster put each of the supposed accusations in context. Koreaboo has translated the post below. One of the most controversial moments was when Eunjung seemed to force feed Hwayoung rice cakes on a Japanese variety show. However, the screenshots below of the scene clearly illustrate that Hwayoung, Hyomin, and Qri were one team while Soyeon, Jiyeon, and Eunjung formed the second team. The girls battled for the win through Wii games in hopes of attaining snacks and Hwayoung, Hyomin, and Qri won in the end. Eunjung was the lowest scorer on her team and was thus given the penalty chosen out of the penalty box — she had to hand feed snacks to the winning team. When she feeds Hwayoung the rice cake, some netizens originally mistook it as forceful and thus spurred on the bullying rumors, however, the MC is clearly smiling in the background along with the rest of the members in a friendly atmosphere that was not at all a bullying situation as people assumed.

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For those who did attribute them to prehistoric Native Americans, it was thought that the mounds contained ancient human burials and the ghosts of long dead Native Americans haunted the campus. There has even been a book that suggest the mounds were created by aliens. These stories pale in comparison to the true history of the LSU Mounds. Following research conducted in the s and s, archaeologists found evidence that the mounds were deliberately constructed sometime during the Middle Archaic period 4, , BC by native peoples.

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But with Three Meals a Day getting cleared from the docket and Joo-won and Ahn Jae-hyun being slated as the guests for this episode, we decided to sit down and just do it. Yeah it seemed like good timing all around. I really like Witch Hunt, which is basically a tame version of American radio show Loveline: Yeah, girlfriday was the one who told me I had to start watching, and I happened to tune in as they hit their first anniversary; the show has been airing for just over a year on JTBC.

This Roulette covers Episode There are no descriptions of body parts or anything, and references are often masked in euphemisms, but the attitudes towards modern people having sex are candid and open-minded, and I really like that. The callers get to ask their questions anonymously, kind of like a radio show, and are surprisingly forthcoming. At first when you were describing the anonymous question part I was expecting people to call in live, like on Loveline, so I thought it was a little weak when it turns out some were just written in.

But then I totally changed my mind when I realized that these written-in questions necessitate the four hosts to act out the questions — they have scripts and affect voices and get all into character emotionally — and THAT is hilarious. But Shi-kyung is fantastic. You gotta love a guy who says that.

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T-ara is a very popular group, but some of the members are definitely underrated. It’s great to see member Qri in a huge, solo photoshoot with ‘bnt international’! She’s taken on three different looks for the shoot, but she’s feminine and pretty in all of them! In her interview, Qri talked about everything related to T-ara and her members. She shared that Boram was the most successful in dieting in their group, revealing Boram has lost nearly 10 kg 22 pounds since their debut!

Seeing a cooly confident Qri kill her “Diamonds” performance on The Show last week, I couldn’t believe that I was watching the same girl that rarely speaks on variety shows and barely sings in T-ara’s songs.

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This blog will mostly remain as an archive now. You can find active updates on our twitter instead. At that time they gained a negative image with the public.

T-ara is a Girl Group from Korea debut in with song “Good Person”, Soundtrack for Korean Drama Cinderella Man. The Group has 7 members now: Boram, Qri.

Is Buckethead a good guitar player? Honestly, he’s pretty low tier. I’d say maybe as good as Kirk Hammett Kirk’s not even that great though. In terms of instrumentalists, he doesn’t even rank. He’s more melodic than other instrumental musicians listed above, but melodic style he still doesn’t match up that well. Melodically I’d say I’m better than him even, and I still have years before I can match up to the big league players with that mastery-level of consistency and control over the fretboard.

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We will not expose here the universally recognized legends, but the last and most widespread myth that is still believed to be true: That Roma people reached Europe after a long journey that then began somewhere in India is a fact which does not imply that they came from their original homeland. The whole hypothesis regarding their alleged Indo-European ethnicity is founded on a sole thing: Such theory does not take account of other more important cultural facts and evidences that show that Roma have nothing in common with Indian peoples besides some linguistic elements.

If we have to take seriously any hypothesis that considers only language to determine a people’s origin, then we must assume that almost all North-Africans came from Arabia, that Ashkenazim Jews are a German tribe, that Sephardic Jews were Spaniards belonging to a religious minority but not a different people, and so on. Black American people do not even know what language their ancestors spoke, consequently they must be English. Definitely, language alone is not a sufficient basis to establish ethnic background, and all the other determinant facts are against the Indian origin of Roma – including also some clues in the Romany language itself.

The most relevant elements that persist in any people since the most remote past are of spiritual nature, that are manifested in their inner feelings, typical behaviours, subconscious memory, namely, their atavic heritage. In this essay, I begin by exposing the myth before presenting the facts and the consequent hypothesis about the true origin of Roma.

Many efforts have been done by scholars with the purpose of proving the Indian origin of Roma, and all of them failed one after another in providing convincing evidences. Some accounts taken as references, like the stories written by Firdawsi, are now discredited. The only apparent similarity is the nomadic life and professions typical of any nomadic tribe, of any ethnic extraction.

All these idle results are the natural consequence of a research done according to wrong patterns: A recent theory that is having some success among the intellectual environment interested in the subject – and that is destined to be proven fallacious like all the preceding hypotheses – pretends to have discovered the original “city” from where Roma might have come:

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School: Myungji University, Enrolled in Dept. of Theatre and Visual Arts (Qri is also enrolled in the same university and same department.) Family: Father Jeon YongRuk (singer), mother Lee MiYoung (actress), a step father, a younger sister WooRam.

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