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Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with us! Posted on May 4, at 5: I might lean more towards the Dark Side, but I still love my Jedi husband. Raven the Pirate Princess Needs Help! Posted on April 2, at 3: Currently, one of my all time favorite comic books is Raven the Pirate Princess , a Princeless comic series written by Jeremy Whitley. Bisexuals, lesbians, disabilities, gender-identity questions, women of all shapes and colors and beliefs.

Off Grid Living

Frugal Retirement Living which lifestyle will you choose? Welcome to the frugal retirement living home page. This site will be of interest to: Retirement is the payoff for all your hard work, you have earned it and deserve it Read on and retire. This site is devoted to folks who would rather retire than continue to work

★★★★Off Grid Propane – Modern Europe. Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know:: OFF GRID PROPANE:: (Step By Step) Watch Video Now! (Recommended). Off Grid Propane Green energy is a dominating force in our universe.

Tribute to My Sister I remain at home a lot now. At my advanced age I find little entertainment to take me away. However, I feel the pressure to finish family genealogy and write more about my family. I began family stories in earnest ten year ago. Mostly I write about my growing up front the s until now. Amazing I can remember my growing up years better than my today time. I don’t keep a journal. Too much triviality is written there. My sister faithfully kept her journal for over ten years.

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Guest Contributor November 1, Last updated: October 26, How to Bug-In: Hurricane Sandy is yet another sober reminder that none of us are exempt from disaster. Her antics are diverse and far-reaching. She has a recipe of devastation for all parts of the world:

The art of living off the grid Shift – NB. Political ‘speed dating‘ at the United Nations. Audio. Shift – NB. Stephen King’s ‘Popsy’ to be filmed in Fredericton. Audio.

Carbon Footprint Calculator The term “off” is actually incorrect as well. You can be on the grid, yet still off. For example, if you have a home that manages to gain all of its energy needs from alternative energy sources , but still live on the utility grid, you’re still off grid when it comes to energy. It is a little confusing, and everyone who does live off grid does it a bit differently.

That said, it’s also a cool way to live. Benefits of Living Off Grid Reduced energy costs: When you live off the grid, your electricity bills will go away or become very small! In fact, in some cases the electric company may even cut you a check Wow. Freedom From utility grid dependency: You will no longer have ongoing dependency on the utility grid. Some people believe that we won’t always have the grid around.

We won’t, that’s true.

This Is How And Why The Amish Live Off The Grid

Solar installations on public buildings are providing additional power, helping Australian communities keep power local. Of these homes, 14 have rooftop solar panels and batteries, while the remaining three have neither, but are connected to the microgrid via inverter technology. While they can run on the grid, the microgrid can also run as a single unified system, sharing power between the 14 homes. Where it differed from existing trials was that it elected not to have any diesel back-up generators in the grid, AusNet said.

The stabiliser is unique in that it operates using renewable and stored energy, whereas typically, mini grids use a large diesel generator to ensure stability when operating independently.

Living Off Grid In the Suburbs. Can You Manage Living Off Grid in the Suburbs? Web Dating Expert Tips for Women 11th November , One thing that your blog has convinced me of is we don’t have to have a ton of money to start living off the grid. If we just start somewhere with even just one small step, we’re making progress.

So what is an earth battery? Well, it is basically taking two dissimilar metals, such as iron and copper, burying them in the ground, or in a container with moist soil, and allowing the natural current created to transfer to your metal electrodes. They are similar to potato or lemon batteries. The soil, when wet, acts as an electrolyte solution similar to those you could find in other liquid based batteries, so once you have your electrodes in place, and some copper wire to connect them, you have yourself a battery system that can easily generate around 5 volts , with the potential for much more with some experimentation.

These could be of use by simply keeping the basic components, which could be as little as galvanized nails and copper wire in your backpack or in your home to use to charge a cell phone or run a few lights in case of a power outage or other emergency. Who knows, maybe someone out there will design a system capable of powering much more. It seems like the type of challenge those who live off-grid would be up for.

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Messenger What types of communities do the best job of living with a minimal impact on the planet? I asked myself this question when I read a recent article on The Conversation , which argued that even if everyone on Earth lived in an ecovillage we would still be using too many resources. I am more optimistic — some ecovillages provide a much better blueprint than others.

The “I Did Something Bad” singer has quietly been dating actor Joe accomplishments—so she went off the grid. What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Wednesday when she was asked.

All over the United States formerly great cities are crumbling, but some are definitely in worse shape than others. One reader recently wrote to me about what she sees happening all around her in Reno, Nevada. The unemployment rate in Reno is now up to The recent recession hit Nevada particularly hard and people have been moving out of the state in waves. In fact, the labor force in Nevada has shrunk by close to 20 percent over the past year as workers have moved elsewhere in search of work.

But even though the labor force is now nearly 20 percent smaller, the unemployment rate is still well above 11 percent.

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Email Are you interested in living off the grid in Australia? Many families have opted to switch to off grid power, removing the shackles of society and giving themselves true freedom in living. Simply stated, off-the-grid refers to homes that are fully autonomous from modern municipal hook-ups and power sources. Generally this refers to providing your own power generation without relying on any other sources.

For many people, choosing to unplug from city power is an expression of freedom.

Living off-the-grid didn’t create a simple life automatically; creating a simple life is about a mindset shift more than a move. What living off-the-grid has ultimately taught me, is that life is all about choice- at every moment we can choose how we want to live, feel, and be, in that moment.

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