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Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Tribute to Ethiopia Scholar Don Levine: Levine, who passed away on Saturday, April 4th at the age of 83, is being remembered by his friends in Ethiopia and the Diaspora as a beloved Ethiopianist, educator, sociological theorist, author, collaborator, advocate, mentor, sensei and friend. In addition to his well-known credentials as a respected scholar of Ethiopian studies, Levine was also an Aikido sensei and the co-founder of the first Aikido dojo in Awasa, Ethiopia. Feel free to send us your own reflections at staff tadias. I have known him for more than 12 years and he has taught me, trained me, supported me like a father would a son. He was the architect of our project. He loved our country and the people, and he was talking about Ethiopia days before he passed away. We will cherish his work and continue working on what we started in our country. Rest in peace, Ethiopiawiwu ye Selam Arbegna.

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Update Jan 1, Johnston’s alleged prophecies and private revelations, from early on this writer often commented that time and events or lack of events will clearly reveal whether Charlie’s prophecies are authentic, or not. In other words, time will tell. Well, as of today January 1, time has clearly revealed that Mr.

A Time-line for the History of Mathematics (Many of the early dates are approximates) This work is under constant revision, so come back later. Please report any errors to me at [email protected]

Some may say that the Chinese and the Australian tribes are autocthonous and original, but unfortunately they are greatly mistaken. The coming war is not between East and West, but between two or more factions of the same organized plot. Much has been touted over the last decade in various conspiracy circles concerning the role that the doctrine of Synarchy has played in the formation of the European Union.. From Venice; like some revived horned beast from the sea, has spread the concept of Imperial unity for the European Continent and, by extension, the entire world itself.

Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? The Pan European Union….. These Europeans need only to glance at the map to persuade themselves that the Soviet Union in its immensity can, with the help of the [Communist] Third International, very quickly prevail over little Europe. To receive this Trojan horse into the European union would lead to perpetual civil war and the extermination of European culture.


Church History We hope that your visit among us will be physically and spiritually refreshing. Ignatius of Loyola in The Founding of the Society of Jesus St.

This website is devoted to the extraordinary mystics and visionaries of the Church, especially those who are lesser known, such as St Gemma Galgani, Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, Sr Consolata Betrone, Therese Neumann, Rev. Pere Lamy, Gabrielle Bossis, Josefa Menendez, Marthe Robin, Servant of God Louise Lateau, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity, Sister Maria Antonia and.

Alba Iulia City Map City Highlights The gentle climate and the richness of the soil made the area around Alba Iulia inhabitable since ancient times and established Alba as a leading wine growing region since 1st century AD. Northwest of Alba Iulia are the Apuseni Mountains and in the east the Transylvanian Plateau with its rolling hills and deep, wide valleys.

One of the oldest settlements in Romania, known in ancient time as Apulum, Alba Iulia served as the largest military and economic center during the Roman occupation. Temples, mosaics, thermae and statues, amphitheaters, the governor’s palace “Daciarum Trium” — all rendered the original Dacian Apulul as the miniature copy of the mother Rome. An Episcopal citadel and an important political, military and cultural center, Alba Iulia reached its peak between , serving as the capital of the independent Principality of Transylvania and the residence of the Transylvanian princes.

In , Mihai Viteazul Michael the Brave achieved here for a brief period of time the union of the three main provinces of Romania: Walachia, Transylvania, and Moldavia. The town later became an important printing centre. Nowadays the local universities continue the tradition of the old academic schools.

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RomeTime-lapse video of Rome. Physically mutilated, economically paralyzed, politically senile, and militarily impotent by the late Middle Ages, Rome nevertheless remained a world power—as an idea. The force of Rome the lawgiver, teacher, and builder continued to radiate throughout Europe. Although the situation of the popes from the 6th to the 15th century was often precarious, Rome knew glory as the fountainhead of Christianity and eventually won back its power and wealth and reestablished itself as a place of beauty, a source of learning, and a capital of the arts.

ColosseumColosseum Flavian Amphitheatre , Rome, c.

Photos: Although Tewodros turned the gun on himself in order to avoid being captured alive, the British soldiers took his young son, Prince Alemayehu Tewodros .

Unificationists do have choices when it comes to Unification singles sites for their dating, matching or courtship needs. Sun Myung Moon had said that he matched couples from differing races and nationalities because of his belief that all of humanity should be united: People should marry across national and cultural boundaries with people from countries they consider to be their enemies so that the world of peace can come that much more quickly.

Moon several years ago, Unificationists have had to embark on increasingly member-centered ways to match their sons and daughters. In addition, many Unification-born adults have come to prefer finding a partner on their own; and people from all walks of life join the Blessing Marriage movement every day. This information is provided as is, with no implied warranty, consent or approval of any of the listed and profiled sites. Please note that my comments as per each listed site are most certainly not unbiased.

Blessed Family Match https: Parents and children of Blessed Families who identify with the mainstream Unification traditions and institutions. This site requires that parents and candidates are vetted by a local church pastor at least in the US , and registration is on approval by a site official.

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October 6, at 9: The model of evolutionary theory of the late Dr. Gould, more or less in line with Richard C. Lewontin, an eminent geneticist, long-time friend and sometime collaborator of Gould in some joint projects in evolutionary biology, seems to argue more or less along the line of Gould that religious claims are innately non-testable.

The Washington Times is an American daily newspaper that covers general interest topics with a particular emphasis on American politics. It was founded on May 17, , by Sun Myung Moon (the leader of Unification Church, also known as the Unification movement) and owned by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate founded by Moon, until , when Moon and a .

So the prophecy will still take place. Then there are some aspects, as I looked back and I saw a bit more clearly, that we can talk about. After that, we will open for questions and answers. This is a worldwide session. In fact, all our sermons are delivered worldwide. I follow a certain policy: If something is delivered to only 10 people, then to the 10 people it will be addressed. The one good thing is: So whether there are misinterpretations or mistakes made, whether there are successes or failures, whether we are in a valley or on the mountain top rejoicing, we are accountable and responsible.

So this is the privilege that we do and have. This is the type of leadership that we have.

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Rome was in practice part of Carolingian Italy, but the popes had a great deal of autonomy and also religious status. Nicholas I — , for example, was particularly influential in Francia. The 9th-century popes controlled a complex local administrative apparatus and, like their predecessors,… Character of the city For well over a millennium, Rome controlled the destiny of all civilization known to Europe , but then it fell into dissolution and disrepair.

Physically mutilated, economically paralyzed, politically senile, and militarily impotent by the late Middle Ages, Rome nevertheless remained a world power—as an idea.

Rome’s contemporary history reflects the long-standing tension between the spiritual power of the papacy and the political power of the Italian state capital. Rome was the last city-state to become part of a unified Italy, and it did so only under duress, after the invasion of Italian troops in

Big controversy cult in the USA in the ‘s who were famous for their arranged marriages and mass wedding my wedding was of 1, couples in S. My now ex-wife and I were matched engaged in October by my mother and my ex-wife’s let’s call her Sarah [not her real name to protect some form of anonymity] parents. We had not previously known each other, we met for a week in October, decided we both wanted to get matched to each other, then got blessed religious marriage in December We had our daughter in the later part of , got separated in summer , and started the divorce process in summer I’ll be here for at least 2 hours or so Time to head to sleep.

I have a 5am shift tomorrow, but Wednesday’s are usually a dead day as an EMT, so I’ll still be on reddit via cell phone and answering questions. Feel free to keep them coming!


It is the official course that all people must pass through… because the human ancestors fell. If our first ancestors had not fallen, it would not be necessary for us to receive the Blessing. But we have to reverse the fallen process. Why do we get married? Marriage allows us to go the Kingdom of Heaven… We have to get married in order to be qualified to go to the heavenly kingdom.

City Highlights. The gentle climate and the richness of the soil made the area around Alba Iulia inhabitable since ancient times and established Alba as a leading wine growing region since 1st .

Thursday 15 October Because the world has just witnessed what may be one of the last mass global weddings organised by South Korea’s Unification Church, the movement founded by the Rev Sun Myung Moon and which many outsiders consequently refer to as the “Moonies”, though the movement itself objects to this. In the largest event of its kind in a decade, more than 20, people gathered at Sun Moon University campus in Asan, south of Seoul, while another 20, joined simultaneous ceremonies from around the world.

What kind of a ceremony was it? The brides either wore white, or Korean hanbok, or Japanese kimonos, while the grooms looked handsome in their tuxes, sometimes with red ties, with white scarves wrapped around their necks. The fact that they were sharing their big day with so many other people meant the individual experience was missing to a certain extent, but that’s not the point when it comes to a nuptials organised by the Unification Church.

For half the couples, the ceremony was a first: And for the other half, it was a chance to reaffirm vows they had taken years ago, many in earlier mass weddings. The date of 14 October was auspicious because it was on that date in that the first mass “blessing” took place, when the Rev Moon joined 6, couples in Korea in marriage. Why might such ceremonies not be repeated? Because the Rev Moon is now 89, and even though he says he plans to hand over the day-to-day leadership of the movement to his three sons and a daughter, there is an inevitable question over what will become of it after he is gone.

Meanwhile one of his sons, Hyung-jin Moon, who is tipped to take over religious affairs, insists that his father is healthy and remains in charge, although it’s been a while since one of these events — regular occurrences during the s and s — have taken place.

Kingdom of Lesotho; formerly known as Basutoland Orientation Identification. Both names derive from the common language, Sotho, which was spoken by the many groups which united to form the nation in the early s. Lesotho is often referred to as “The Kingdom in the Sky” or “The Switzerland of southern Africa” because of the stark beauty of its rugged mountainous terrain. It is also described as “The Hostage State” due to the unfortunate situation of being completely surrounded by and dependent upon the Republic of South Africa.

Church History. We hope that your visit among us will be physically and spiritually refreshing. Our church is administered by the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order founded by .

I am now fundraising for the third year. Thank you so much to everyone who has provided one-time donations or committed to monthly donations that will financially support my continuing work with AIM in Cambodia. Thank you for stopping by! After moving to Korea in , God really began to stir in my heart a calling and desire to serve Him by serving those exploited by the evil of human trafficking. UNICEF reports that there are over one million children entering the sex trade every year and that approximately 30 million children have lost their childhood through sexual exploitation in the last 30 years.

I will be working in the small village of Svay Pak, a notorious haven for international pedophiles and traffickers where girls as young as 8 are purchased for sex. Many are trafficked from Vietnam, kidnapped from rural communities, sold by impoverished family members or exploited by members of their own community. I will be the Elementary Principal of this school and will be developing, implementing and monitoring policies, programs, curriculum activities and budgets in a manner that promotes the educational development of the students.

I will also be investing in the professional, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health of the Cambodian staff, seeing their growth and ability to reach their students as my primary ministry goal. I am full of gratitude for all of the support of friends and family both near and far in this new chapter God is writing for my life.

I am incredibly honored and humbled that you would consider partnering with me in this ministry through prayer and finances. All other funds are qualified for Korean Tax Documents only.

Outsiders would aske, “Why refrain? It’s not breaking any law. Moon to arrange their marriages. The arrangement of marriages is seen as a way of indemnifying the Fall of Man , in which Eve fell into a sexual relationship in spirit with the archangel Lucifer who then became Satan.

angora wool wall hangings and rugs of Basotho fame. The Basotho hat, a conical woven hat with a distinctive topknot, is a symbol of Lesotho’s unification.

All may be saved to the uttermost. Catechism for the Use of the People Called Methodists. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as well as the orthodox understanding of the consubstantial humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. Since enthusiastic congregational singing was a part of the early evangelical movement, Wesleyan theology took root and spread through this channel.

Wesleyan Methodists identify with the Arminian conception of free will , as opposed to the theological determinism of absolute predestination. A person is free not only to reject salvation but also to accept it by an act of free will. All people who are obedient to the gospel according to the measure of knowledge given them will be saved. The Holy Spirit assures a Christian of their salvation directly, through an inner “experience” assurance of salvation.

Christians in this life are capable of Christian perfection and are commanded by God to pursue it.

Sun Myung Moon – A Life Dedicated to Peace and Unification

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